In need of a tall, evergreen, low maintenace privacy screen.

We recently moved to a house in Southern CT and need to plant a privacy screen to block neighboring views. Our backyard is on the smaller side and our neighbors are slightly elevated on a hill behind our house. What evergreen trees/shrubs/hedges would you recommend to create a tall, natural looking privacy screen that won't take over too much of our lawn? I like arborvitae but would love to create something a bit more natural looking than a wall of arborvitae. Thank you.
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Thanks for writing. There are several varieties of columnar juniper (such as 'Blue Arrow' or 'Wichita Blue') that grow tall and upright but stay very narrow (the narrowest ones only get 3 feet wide or so). You could plant them irregularly to help them feel more natural and less like a wall, especially if you leave a few gaps in between the plants.


If you want something taller, there are columnar varieties of several pines and spruces (including blue spruce). Ask for them at your local garden center.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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