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How to bulid a bonfire pit on a slope?

I have an area that is slightly sloped. This area goes down to the woods in our yard. in the middle there is another area that is a bonfire area that is in desperate need for some help. I would like to keep it a bonfire area and not an outdoor fireplace. How would I go about designing this area? What steps do I need? scared and confused Amber from New Buffalo MI

Submitted by amberbergman2

Hi, Well I have to admit, it's hard to help here because I can't see the location in person. However, all I can offer is that for a fire pit,  you'll need to level the area and then cover the firepit area with sand. Surround it with stones to contain the fire and you should be fine. Again, I'm sorry if I'm not more help, but I'm not exactly sure what you need help with here.

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