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How do I clear and start a flower bed over?

I have two flower beds that were full of perennials, weeds, and baby trees. One is shaded, the other is full sun (zone 5). I would like to get rid of all of it and start over. In the shade bed I want to plant flowering bushes only with rock or mulch. In the full sun bed I would like to plant a vegetable garden. I hired a landscaper to get rid of all of it. They are clean now, but I suspect that some of it will try to grow back. How do I prep the gardens to avoid regrowth of the old plants?
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To prevent weed seeds from sprouting you can sprinkle a pre-emergent herbicide over the soil. There's a product called PREEN that does this. Also, be sure to mulch right after planting. A thick mulch will help keep weeds at bay and will give your plants more consistent soil moisture. In your shade garden, if you only plan to plant permanent shrubs and/or trees, you could also use landscape fabric. This will cover the soil surface and you can plant your shrubs in slits you make with a sharp knife. Then, mulch over it. This is ideal for areas where you do not plan to add additional plants or bulbs at other times. Landscape fabric is not recommended for flower or veggie gardens because it makes it very difficult to plant new things.

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