How can we build up low spots in a wet area?

Our yard is encircled by a forested plain which is divided by a stream. I guess the area could be described as "wetland." When it rains the water pools in spots and forms soggy patches. There are paths through which the water travels, culverts we've been trying to deepen to encourage it to find its way to the stream. But we've also been trying to raise the depressions. What's the best way to do this? We've been putting down piles of dead wood to compost. Could that build up the land?
Submitted by joeengland

Hi, Sorry for the delay in answering. Our Garden Doctor system was down during the month of November. if it were me, I'd try adding a layer of gravel and then cover that with fresh soil. If, however, the area is a natural wetland, i might consider planting it with species that like "wet feet" to create a bog garden. You can find plant lists of plants like this in our Plant Encyclopedia on this website. Do an Advanced Search to get a plant list.

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