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Hiding air conditioner and utility boxes

I live in zone 8 and on a small lake. The side of my house has an air conditioner that is set between 2 windows, an electric meter, water outlet, and a couple of other electrical boxes for phone, etc. I would like to landscape the area in a way that will camouflage these. I have a nice lawn in a clearing that reaches the pond, but surrounding the lawn and house are lots of trees. The area I'm trying to landscape stays a little moist and is mostly shaded. Can you help me to conceal these?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest


It sounds like a tough spot to landscape. If I were  you, I'd consider using a low screen to match your house. If it's heavily shaded and wet, not much will thrive there that would be big enough to hide the utilities.

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evergreen...^^ that was an important word lol
Submitted by misslily30352
I would definetly try planting some vergreen shurbs. There are many varities that like moist soil and shade. Also, they are a great option for year round greenery.
Submitted by misslily30352