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Heavy shade steep slope mudslide when rains

I have a steep slope with heavy shade. I have tried all kinds of grass but they keep dying. When it rains there is a mudslide into my walkway. I do need to walk on that area as it adjoins a stairway and at the bottom is a doubled gate which I sometimes must open for my wheelbarrow. I live in North central NJ. What can I plant or do?
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If the area is too shady, no turfgrass will grow well there. There are some groundcovers that tolerate occasional foot traffic and that grow well in shade. Some to consider are brass buttons (Leptinella squalida), Kenilworth ivy (Cymbalaria), and moss. However, if the slope is quite steep, it may be best to terrace the slope with retaining walls and plant the terraces with shade tolerant perennials.

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