Heat tolerant garden for Southern California with plants I can find in a Nursery here.

Can you send me plans for a colorful easy garden for Southern California. My garden will be put in in front of my house it is 12 ft, long by 3 feet wide. It should be tolerant of sun and easy to take care of. It should use just a little water. I tried to find a garden by myself on your site--but when I called my local nursery they didn't have any of the plants your plan called for: 1) No White rugosa rose 2) No Sedum "Xenox" and 3) No Sedum spurium. Please help me.

Submitted by debbyauerbach

Because of the volume of readership and requests, we're not able to develop individual garden plans. But your local nursery should be able to provide substitute plants with similar looks and habits if the plants in our plans don't work in your area. For example, white hybrid tea roses grow beautifully in southern California, and could be substituted for the rugosa rose. Other succulents such as echeverias, lampranthus, or agaves could be filled in for the sedums.

Answered by DSchrock

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