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Front yard adjustment.

I would like some ideas on ways to correct a slope in my front yard. It is not a large yard due to the type of houses in the area (row houses District of Columbia, DC). I gave an idea of using the treated garden lumber for the wall to my family but they don't seem happy with that decision. What other ideas would you suggest. It will not be a very tall wall, just to bring the slope up a little but not quite to the level of the yard.
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If your family doesn't like the idea of a treated lumber wall, perhaps a stone one would be more attractive. You don't say if you will be doing the work yourself or if it will be done by a professional. I would advise the latter if money is not a problem. There are lots of different materials that can be used according to your taste. These include dry walls, mortared walls, brick, and interlocking concrete among others. Go to the library where you will find several good books, such as Garden Walls, Fences and hedges by Kathy Sheldon (2002) with illustrations and instructions. This will not only give you ideas, but perhaps settle any family discussions!

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