Front door shrubs

I live in Massachusetts and my soil is sandy where I live. My house faces south. We have just cut down two Wichita Blues that were planted on either side of our front door because they got too big after 14 years. What could I plant this time around?
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I've got a variety of suggestions, so you'll have to scan the list and choose what you like. If you're looking for another evergreen, consider Rhododendrons or Yews (Taxus species). There are Rhodos that will stay within bounds with little or no pruning, but Yews may require an annual haircut. Blooming deciduous shrubs include dwarf Lilac (Syringa species), Roses (Rosa species; 'The Fairy' would be spectacular and bloom almost nonstop throughout the season.), or Spireas (Spiraea species; there are both old-fashioned and new varieties that would make great choices).

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