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Hi: I live in New Castle, Delaware. I have allergies.I, also receive a pollen alert by email. My question is what flowers,trees,and shrub I can plant in my yard? I have a cover front porch and I sit ouside sometime. Are there items I can plant in my yard that won't, make me sick. I haven't planted anything as of yet. Thanks. Marilyn P. Reeves
Submitted by m.p.reeves

Hi, Well certainly you can focus on non-flowering plants that provide color through their foliage. Species such as coleus and caladium are good examples. However, the thing to keep in mind is that pollen is all around you when you are outdoors and even if you didn't plant anything, you'll still have pollen issues. Tree pollen, for example, can be a problem for many people so no matter what you plant in your own yard, it won't protect you since tree pollen is mostly airborne and can travel for miles. So, sadly I think you'll still have issues no matter what you plant.

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