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Hi, I just moved into a foreclosure because I lost my job and had to sell my house before I lost it. There was no landscaping here (Naples, Fl) and I have planted a few shrubs across the front of the house and 2 palm trees. How do I lay out a cohesive design? Someone has just given me a Firebush, but I can't begin to figure out where to plant it. Is there a system to this? My last home had an association and they took care of the outside. Now I am on 1 1/4 acres. Have very little $ money spend.
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The way I usually go about designing a yard is to come up with a list of priorities. Do you need to add privacy or screen a view? Do you need to leave a big grassy space for children/pets or do you want to create larger areas of low-maintenance plantings? Do you need to leave space for growing fruits and vegetables?

Once you have your wish list and prioritize it, things can become a little easier. If there are views you want to screen, for example, it gives you a spot to plant a shrub or tree --- and then you can add a border around that. But the key is to pick one priority at a time and work on that so you don't feel overwhelmed at trying to get everything done.

As far as what to plant goes, you might check out our collection of free garden plans at

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