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Cost of a patio???

please help me to make a DIY patio with plants in very low cost ... what is good normal size ?? i have a big lot.... i want to have bbq gathering there .

Submitted by pleasurejoy1

Cost of a patio can vary tremendously depending on the materials you select to make it, and whether you supply all the labor or have it hired. Obviously, the DIY route helps a lot to reduce costs. Simple concrete patio pavers are much less expensive than flagstone or pavers with elaborate designs. A simple rectangular or square shape will also be less costly, because you won't have to cut the pavers to make it. And if you check around, you might be able to find a free source of sand to use as the underlayment for the pavers. If you want to have a barbeque gathering area as well as seating, the minimum size would likely need to be 10 by 10 feet; larger would be better.

Answered by DSchrock

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