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Controlling weeds on a paver deck

we had a paver deck installed about 3 years ago. It is constantly choked with weeds and grass. I'm afraid to use chemical weed control as we have 4 dogs that love to lay on the deck . I tried cutting the weeds with a knife but it is labor intensive. We live in central florida and we get a lot of rain this time of the year. Can you suggest a better way to control the grass and weeds?

Submitted by rweick3937

if you put a rug or tarp or something else like that over the deck for several weeks, I think you'd eliminate the weeds with sunlight starvation. I can't think of much else that will do the trick other than chemicals. That said, Roundup is fairly innocuous stuff. If you can keep the dogs away for 24 hours, you could spray the weeds, make sure all the spray residue is dry before putting the dogs back out. SHould be fine.

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