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Condo Patios

I live in a condo development, no one seems to address ideas for us. Since I am on a corner lot, there is a small open L shaped area just past my patio with 5 trees. I added a stand up fountain in the middle but I have no idea what plants to put in there to make it an inviting area that people see when the come around the corner. And also, could you give patio idea for condos. We all have the same size and space, it would really help
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Without being able to see your space in person, I can't give you any specific landscaping advice, but if you're able to plant around your patios, you might look at our garden plans ---

If you're looking more for container garden ideas, check out our container gardening section --- we have more than 200 plant-by-number container "recipes".

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