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Hi I manage a very large 2 story house in a very busy multicultural area of Sydney. We have a front garden & a back garden. In the the past we have had plants stolen from our garden. My ? is I would like to put a bird bath in the front of our garden or do put some thing that will attract birds so we can feed them. What can I do to make sure sure my bird bath doesnt get stolen? or have you better ideas of of other ways of bird feeding. Another ? is where is the best place to put it?
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 Is there a way you can anchor your birdbath to make it too heavy to steal? I've seen some that homeowners have bolted to a large concrete base. If there's a tree nearby, you could also chain your birdbath to the tree.

As far as where to place it, look for a spot that will offer the birds an easy escape route to shelter. So try putting it near trees, shrubs, or even a cluster of large, tall perennials.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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