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Bare spot at end of driveway under trees

Live in upstate NY. Have huge piles of snow at the end of our driveway from plowing. Snow and shade from large sugar maples with heavy leaves have left big bare spot in lawn. Bushes and mulch option problem because of snow and need to rake large wet leaves in fall; blowing leaves doesn't work.Ground cover planted, but raking destroyed most of them. Considering topsoil and shade grass as most successful option. Will this work? Other ideas? Next to neighbors; want to look nice.
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Shade-tolerant turfgrass may work in this situation. It depends on how dense the shade from the Norway maple is. Even the most

shade-tolerant of grasses likely won't be thick and lush if the shade is dense. Another consideration is the possibility of salt build up in the area. Does any of the snow come from the road (or your driveway) where ice melting salt has been used? If so, the soil structure may be breaking down. Consider leaching the salt out of the soil by watering heavily.

You also might consider planting hostas in the area. Hostas usually die down to the ground fairly quickly in the fall. (I often mow mine to the ground once they start turning yellow.) This will facilitate leaf removal and you won't have to worry about damaging them when snow is piled there in winter.

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