A hard to fix flower bed.

I have an over grown L-shaped bed. With weeds and small bushes in it. It has an dip in the middle and has a gentle slope on 1 side. I want to build up the middle and kill the weeds and bushes. Then do a ground cover. Any suggestions on how to kill the weeds and then what to plant?
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Thanks for writing. You can go at the weeds manually (pulling or digging them by hand) or you can try spot-spraying them with an herbicide (use a sheet of plastic as a shield to protect your desirable shrubs). Once the weeds are taken care of, a layer of mulch will help deter them while your groundcover gets established.


As far as what groundcover to plant, I can't really say without knowing what the growing conditions are like. But here's a groundcovers slideshow that may help you:



---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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