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what are the tiny black insects on the back of the leaves of my wisteria ? ,how to get rid of them?

small black insects on the leaves of my wisteria. some of the leaves are turning yellow. Please advise me what to do. Thanks, Diana Middletown Va

Submitted by dmshrad

The most common insect pests of wisteria are aphids and scale. Aphids can cause leaf yellowing and leaf curl. Scale insects usually cause a general decline of the plant. From your brief description, I can't be certain what insect is affecting your wisteria. You could take a sample to your local cooperative extension office or a knowledgeable garden center for identification. It would be good to identify the insect before prescribing a control.

Answered by DSchrock
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Hi again, I checked the wisteria again and discovered there were Aphids on the leaves . The black mess I saw must have been made by the Aphids. thank you DSchrock for your assistance . Sincerely Diana .
Submitted by dmshrad