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My hostas are being eating as well as many of my other garden plants by BUGS. I need an organic pesticide for all my plants as I also have vegetables. I live in zone 6. I have many animals and young children in and out of the gardens, etc. What is really safe to use?
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Thanks for writing. I don't usually recommend a one-size-fits-all-answer to insects --- some treatments work better on some insects than others. But a good starting place is a product called Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew; it's an organic, low-impact product that will kill many leaf-eating insects. You can spray it on the plant and it will harm insects as they eat the leaves. You can also use products containing neem oil or insecticidal soap --- both of these are also low-impact. But to work well, it's best to spray them directly on the insects.

Do you have a lot of flowering plants in your yard? If not, planting some can help attract beneficial insects, which will control the population of the pesty bugs for you. Beneficial insects will never completely eliminate the pests, but they will create a natural balance that allows good plant health.

One note: There's a common misperception that organic means something is safe. That's not necessarily true; there are synthetic chemicals that are actually safer to use around children/pets/etc than some organic products.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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when you say some synthetic fertizers are better than organic , can you expands on your answer?
Submitted by scootie11