Nasty beetles

We have brown beetles and japanese beetles eating the flower petals and leaves on all of our echinacea plants and our coleus plants. Ive tried bug sprays including sevin and nothing works. They hide during the day and come out in the middle of the night. I wake up the next morning to devoured plants. Help?
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Japanese beetles seem to be especially prevalent this year, or maybe it just seems that way. I find the best way to dealing with them is to go out early in the morning and tap them off into a bucket of soapy water. Personally I don't use dangerous chemical such as Sevin, especially where children could be affected. If you don't seem to be making a dent in the beetle population, invest in some Japanese beetle traps and put them at the four corners of your yard. The bugs will be attracted to the sexy scent that is used as an attractant and will fall into the trap. Although you will of course attract beetles from your neighbors as well, you will reduce the population. Come fall check your lawn for white grubs that are the overwintering stage. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office (blue or yellow pages) for instructions on dealing with the grubs in your lawn.

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