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Meyer Lemon Tree Pest

I have a Meyer lemon tree in my greenhouse (I live in Oregon) and the stems all have these flat eggs on them. Oval, flat in shape, kinda cream in color. I can use my finger nail to scape them off. What are they? Should I spray the lemon tree? with? How do I keep them off? I sprayed the tree with soapy water, is that okay? Thank you, Nancy
Submitted by ncboyles1

Hi, Well I'm wondering if your plants have Scale. Scale are not eggs, but flat, fingernail-like insects that love to infect plants like citrus, schefflera and ficus. The soapy water shouldn't hurt your tree, but you need to be careful because some soaps can cause more problems. Plus, soap won't stop scale. If you only have a few scale, then take a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and rub each one to kill it. Otherwise, get a general-purpose systemic insecticide that says it will kill scale on the label. These bugs are a nightmare to get rid of and in the past, I've often just given up and thrown scale-infested plants away.

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Whoa-- if you are planning to eat the lemons or use the peels for flavoring, do NOT use a systemic pesticide--it will poison the fruit!
Submitted by garynsue