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little gray bugs eating all my flowers. what can i do?

i have these tiny gray bugs every where in my yard & the eat my plants from the root up. other people tell me they are from the elm trees? they keep eating everything i put in the gardens i have. how do i get rid of them?

Submitted by ecclectic

Hi, Well first of all, you'll need to identify the problem insect and make sure it's the cause of your plants' troubles. It's a very rare pest that will eat a variety of plant species and I don't know of any pest that will work from the root up. So, I'm doubtful the gray insects you are seeing are the problem. However, I would take a sample of these insects to your local extension service or garden center for identification. I would never recommend spraying anything in your garden without knowing what the problem is. Often I've found that people assume it's an insect they see, when in reality it turns out to be another pest altogether or even rabbits or deer dining at night. I also don't know of any pests specific to elm trees that would cause problems. So, take a sample to someone who can identify it before you do anything.

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