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Is there a good way to control tobacco budworms in hanging petunia baskets?

I have three beautiful hanging petunia baskets and i noticed small black balls on them which i was told is a tobacco budworm. Is there a way to get rid of or control these to save my hanging baskets? I see beautiful baskets like mine all over cities, hanging from lamp posts that last the entire summer, why do mine struggle to merely make it through July yearly? What am I not doing that the commercial sites are to keep them alive? How do I control these tobacco budworms? I am just noticing them.

Submitted by Emilysnow30

Tobacco budworm, which is also known as geranium budworm, is difficult to control. Many insecticides don't work on them. Spinosad is one natural insecticide that should work, however. You can read more about them in this Colorado State University Extension bulletin.

Answered by DSchrock

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