Insect damage on Blackeyed Susan

I have Blackeyed Susan growing in mostly sandy soil at my home by the beach. It starts out looking very lush and does produce many flowers yet as the season goes on the leaves become littered with holes. I have noticed many tiny whiteish bugs just under the surface of the soil. Could this be the culprit and what should I do about it? Thanks in advance!
Submitted by kbrizi

Hi, Well Black-eyed Susans always get pretty ratty looking by this time of year. There is a whole host of insects who enjoy them and the plants themselves are slowing down for the fall. I doubt those whitish bugs you are seeing in the soil are to blame. It's more likely grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, etc. At this late time of year I would not spray because your plants won't look that good anyway, plus you may kill good bugs such as butterflies who also like these plants. In late summer,  you'll just see this as a natural process these plants go through.

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