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How can I prevent another stink bug invasion?

I had an invasion of stink bugs last summer. They destroyed my tomatoes as well as the peaches and apples from those trees. The ony plant they couldn't destroy were the cucumbers, and that was only because they cannot get their pincers into the rind of the cucmber. What can I do to prevent them from invading my garden this year? Or must I now only buy store-bought foods??? PLEASE help! I'm in Maryland.

Submitted by megga2

There are several stink bug traps available that use a pheromone to attract and trap the stink bugs. One brand that has proven quite effective is Rescue. Check for them at garden centers and home stores.

Answered by DSchrock
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I've had great success with the RESCUE traps, I'm in PA and have already put mine out to catch the nymphs and adults that are already appearing...I place the traps low early in the spring and move them higher in the summer. The traps lure the stink bugs from my flower and veggie gardens and catch what bugs are already there rather than luring other stink bugs to the area.
Submitted by lafaloud1
Thanks -- but will those traps have the same effect as Japanese beetle traps? (they make the problem worse). Does anyone else have experience with these sting-bug traps? Please let me know -- 2011 was horrible and I want to avoid it this year. thank you!
Submitted by megga2