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I have a large hedge that is the height of my fence which runs along in a L shape framing my back yard. Recently, i discovered that the hedge brings alot of spiders and creepy crawlies, and i'd like to cut the hedge down and get rid of it, but i'm unsure of what to replace the hedge with so my backyard doesn't look bare. Can you suggest anything? If i decide to keep the hedge is there anything i can spray it with to rid the bugs but won't harm the hedge?

Submitted by gizi5

Any plant can provide habitat for spiders and other insects. It's part of nature's cycle. In replacing the hedge with other plants, you'd simply end up with a different set of insects. Instead, be happy that spiders have found a home in the hedge. They're beneficial in that they eat insects that may cause damage. Also, keep in mind that well over 90% of insects are NOT harmful. Most are beneficial or at least benign. You're much more likely to be harmed by chemical sprays than you would be by insects that may take up residence in your shrubs.

Answered by DSchrock

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