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Grubs galore

Is there anything that gets rid of grubs? Our yard is covered with birds that are eating grubs, and they're causing damage, too. I'd like to stay away from poisonous chemicals if possible.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Chemical products such as halofenozide (sold under the name GrubEx) and imidacloprid (sold as GrubEx Season-Long Grub Control) are available at your local garden center. Both provide good grub control (when used as directed on the label) and have a low toxicity level when it comes to humans, pets, and wildlife. Some gardeners have had good success with natural products such as milky spore; others have had less luck. One reason is that milky spore disease targets Japanese beetle grubs; if other grub species infest your lawn, milky spore disease won?t affect them. Other natural products that can provide some control, though not as consistently as a chemical control, are diatomaceous earth and beneficial nematodes, which are sold under the name Grub-Away.

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