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why are leaves turning brown and dying?

My tropical plant (sorry don't know the name) has a bamboo like stem and long 10" greenleaves with white lines running thru them. It is a pretty popular houseplant, but I recently repotted it to a bigger pot, and the bottom leaves turned all brown and died and there are big brown patched in the middle with only the new top leaves unaffected. I believe it is rust, but how do I treat it? Thank you

Submitted by davidjr87

Hi, I'm so sorry, but I can't figure out what species of plant you have from the description you sent me. And, it's hard to diagnose this problem without knowing the plant. However, in general, I've found that indoor plants rarely get rust. Browning or crunchy leaves on indoor plants most often indicate either dryness or drafts. I'm just sorry i can't help without more information.

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