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What is the green stalk growing from the center of the Snake Plant leaves?

My Snake Plant or Mother-in-laws tongue is in a 5 to 6 inch yellow pot and the leaves have grown almost 5 feet tall. I started with 2 stalks and now I have 5 separate groups of leaves-each individual. Now what appears to be a weed or flower is growing from the center of two of the groups of leaves. Question: what is this green flower(it does not look like the snake leaves) & what do I do with it? Do I just let it grow?--puzzled.
Submitted by jvwoodruff

Although it's rare for snake plants grown as houseplants to bloom, it is possible for them to do so. Usually they don't get enough light indoors to bloom. Apparently yours is getting the right environmental conditions to induce flowering. You need not do anything to the flower stalk other than enjoy it (although the blooms aren't particularly colorful.) After the flowers have faded, go ahead and cut off the entire flower spike.

Answered by DSchrock

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