What do I do for houseplants that dry out, even when watered weekly?

All of my indoor plants dry out pretty badly. I water them at least once a week, but they still dry out. What should I do?
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The crux of your problem is likely your soil. Most commercially raised tropical houseplants arrive in a lightweight soil mix that fails to hold water very long. It works well at the greenhouse but tends to dry out in a home environment and can be difficult to rewet thoroughly. It's best to repot newly purchased plants in a commercial soil developed for houseplants. Loosen the soil around the roots, and refill your existing pots with fresh soil, and see how things progress.


You might also try increasing humidity around your houseplants. Higher humidity decreases water needs. When you water your plants, water from the top, covering the entire surface of the soil with water. Some water will run through and gather in the saucers. Avoid letting plants sit in water overnight once you start using the new soil mix. You'll be tempted to do so, but resist! Plants that sit in water for hours at a time are more prone to develop root-rot diseases.

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