Queen of the Night

We have a very large queen of the night and I've noticed that the tips of the leaves are getting brown and dry. How can we prevent this and what is causing it. It blooms every year several times and otherwise seems healthy.

Submitted by nsgal3

Thanks for writing! Without seeing your plant, I'm afraid to say I can't tell you what's wrong. This free service really isn't meant for diagnosing plant problems where it's necessary to see the plant and growing conditions. In general, I can tell you that brown leaf tips on this type of cactus can by represented by too much or too little water, exposure to hot drafts, over fertilization, and several other conditions. Has anything changed around the plant lately, or has the way you care for it? I usually start checking the environment first to try to get to the bottom of brown leaf tips on indoor plants.

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The only change we made was to bring it outdoors, not in bright or direct sunlight which is something we've been doing for several years now. The problem started when we brought it outside. Now it's back indoors at it's usual spot, not in direct sunlight. Would it be ok to cut the dry leaf tips or do you think it's best to leave them alone?
Submitted by nsgal3