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Problem with indoors plants?

I have several plants that I believe needs repotting but i don't know what type of soil to get. Also I concern about two them could you help me. The plants are: 1 Janet or Jane craig; 2 Peace Lily; 3 Norfork Pine; 4.Exotic Angel, and 5 Startling of Aloe Vera. My concerns are the Janet or jane craig the leave are turning brown and the peace lily. I don't know what I am doing wrong I try not to water to often,I only have one windom whee they can get sun light please help me. Thank you Rond
Submitted by letpray

Hi, Sorry this answer was delayed. Our Garden Doctor service was down for over a month for repairs. I recommend buying a good general purpose houseplant potting soil. It should be fine for all your plants. Keep in mind that you have a plant like peace lily that does not do well in sunshine. Move it to a location away from direct sun and don't forget to water it. They like a lot of water. Your other plants will do best in an east or west facing window. i'm not sure what you mean by Exotic Angel because that's the name of a line of plants from a nursery in Florida. It must have some other name on the plant tag.

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