orchids will not spike

I have 3 orchids and I fertilize and feed but it has been 4 years and none of them will spike. The orchids are very leafy and in good condition not diseased and have a lot of root growth and they are sitting in the south east window of my kitchen.
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You don't indicate what types of orchids you have. Some types such as moth orchid (Phaelenopsis) bloom quite readily, while others require more exacting conditions to induce bloom. Since you indicate that your orchids are leafy and not diseased, it appears that you must be giving them good care. What type of fertilizer are you using? If the nitrogen content is too high, it can force leafy growth at the expense of blooms. Look for and use a fertilizer in which the first number on the label is no larger than the other two numbers. Also, orchids need high humidity and bright light to bloom well. Perhaps yours are not getting quite enough light in the southeast window. You might try supplemental lighting for them, or try to find a brighter location, perhaps moving them outdoors over summer. Low humidity indoors can also be a problem. Sometimes flower buds form but abort if the humidity is low.

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