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my peace lily's leaves are soft and wilty. when i cut a leaf that is wilting very bad, it is like a callus grows instead of new growth. new growth is wilty to?

my peace lily is all wilty even new growth is wilty. the leaves are very soft why is it dying someone gave it to me as a start but it was as big as a plant. should i replant it is the container to big you think? help

Submitted by mail4sherri

If the soil is moist and the leaves are wilting, it's likely that there is root damage to the plant. If the roots are rotting, it may have been overwatered. You can pull the plant out of the pot and examine the roots to be certain. Damaged roots will be soft and mushy and/or brown. Healthy roots will be white and firm. Remove the damaged roots and repot the plant. Allow the soil to dry to the touch between watering cycles.


Answered by DSchrock
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These plants do not do well with chlorine which I have in my water. Fill a jug and let it stand 24 hours before watering. This also works well for spider plants/
Submitted by donna1002js