Kalanchoe plant leaves get moldy.

I bought a kalanchoe when in bloom and it hasn't bloomed since. I let it go dry before watering as suggested, however mold seems to develope on some of the leaves. I am about ready to put it outside and see how it does there. Any suggestions appreciated.
Submitted by PickelGardener

Hi, Well sad to say, most kalanchoes that are sold in bloom as gift plants won't bloom again. I've had an occasional one send up a flower or two, but in reality, they are kind of a toss-away plant. After the flowers fade, most folks put them on the compost pile. Now, you can set yours outdoors and it may thrive there and possibly even bloom again, but there are no guarantees. Remember, if you keep the plant outdoors and want to save it, you'll need to bring it back inside next fall before frost hits.

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