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Jade plant is drooping

I live in Ohio. I learned my lesson the hard way and put my healthy jade outside during the summer. When I brought it inside, the leaves all started dropping. It looks pretty pathetic, but I nursed it back to at least being alive and growing new leaves. It's very droopy though and sparse. Anything I can do? I know they like same temperatures and not too much sun. How often should it be watered? Fertilizer? cutting back branches? Thanks! Linda
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I move my jade plants outdoors all summer long in a spot where they get morning shade  but afternoon sun (after about 2 p.m.) Indoors they like a great deal of light, but outdoors, partial shade is best for them.
They are succulents, so water only when the top 1/2 inch of soil feels dry to the touch. The  timing can vary a great deal depending on light levels, humidity, etc. Drooping branches may be an indication that the plant was overwatered, and the roots were damaged.
Fertilize only when the plant is actively growing, usually from early spring through mid-summer. Use a good all-purpose houseplant fertilizer at the recommended rates.
If you want to prune your jade, late winter to early spring is the best time. They can be cut back quite severely and will still sprout new growth.

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