Jade plant dieing

I have a jade plant that is 15 years old and had once been very hearty. Lately the branches have withered where connected to the main trunk and drop off.Today I noticed that where a large branch had broken & had withered and looked dead. When I touched it the nub fell off in my hand. It was soggy and had a yellow tinge to it. I scraped as much as I could off where it connects to the main trunk but there is a center stem that remains and it is mushy. There were no roots when I transplanted.
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Jade plants are succulents that need well drained soil and a bright sunny location. If they receive too much moisture, especially during cool, cloudy conditions, they can develop root rot. Once the root rot starts, the aboveground parts of the plant begin to wilt because although the soil is moist, the damaged roots can't pull up the water.
You may be able to root some of the stems that are still relatively firm. Jade plant roots readily in well-drained potting soil.

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