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How do I start an orange tree from seed?

How do I start an orange tree from seed? We picked up oranges at the store that have wonderful flavor, and we'd like to grow our own.
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Although you can easily grow seeds collected from store-bought citrus, the plants they become usually produce less than high-quality fruit. This is because most purchased fruits are hybrids, and seed from hybrids rarely produces plants that have the same qualities as the parent fruit. However, seed-grown citrus can make for attractive foliage plants indoors (be watchful of the thorns, though). If you'd like to grow citrus for fruits, purchase a grafted named variety from a reputable nursery. To grow oranges (or other citrus) from seed, remove the seeds from the fruit and plant them immediately. Use a seed-starting mix or potting soil, placing seeds about an inch deep in the medium. Moisten the mix and move it to a warm location until germination occurs.

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A successfully, properly pruned,fertilized citrus tree will take 5-7 years to produce fruit; it will not survive further north than central Florida and many groves were lost even there in he big freeze some years ago. Always consult your County Extension Service Office in your County. good luck--- from a FL grower
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