How do I plant my water-rooted orchid once it has grown enough to do so?

I have rooted an orchid in water. It's about 2 inches tall with four small roots. I read that I should not plant it until it grows to about 4 inches tall. How do I plant it when it reaches that height?
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Rooting orchids in water is something most gardeners never think to try. They prefer a lot of oxygen around their roots. You may have better luck if you aerate the water or pot it up immediately. You'll need a less coarse mix of orchid bark, which is a tree-bark mixture created just for raising orchids. You can find it at most garden centers. Use a 3- or 4-inch-wide pot. Special pots are available for growing orchids, but any plastic or terra-cotta pot will serve the purpose.  Fill the container with the special orchid mix, create a little planting hole for your orchid, then insert your plant into the bark mixture. Be careful not to break any of the roots. It's OK if some of the roots protrude from the soil; just be sure to anchor your plant so it doesn't tumble out of the pot. You didn't mention what kind of orchid you're growing, but if it's a moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), insert a simple metal or plastic-coated metal stake into the pot before you add the orchid itself; use the stake to keep the plant upright as it grows.


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