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Can snake plants be started from cuttings?

Can snake plants be started from cuttings?
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Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) can be started several ways. Perhaps the simplest method is to divide older plants. Snake plant, or mother-in-law's tongue, as it is known by some, produces underground rhizomes that increase the size of the clump of upright shoots. Division is a way to get a large new plant quickly. And it's the only way to maintain the marginal light green stripe of variegated types. Plants started from cuttings lose this variegation. If your snake plant is not variegated, and if you're patient, you can start new plants by taking stem cuttings. Cut the snake plant leaves into 3-4-inch-long segments, cutting a notch in the upper end of each so you can tell which end is up. It's important to mark which side is up on each cutting, because the cuttings will fail to root and grow if inserted in the rooting medium upside down. Dip the lower end of the cutting in rooting hormone and insert it in a lightweight potting mix or rooting medium such as vermiculite or perlite. Keep the mix moist but not wet; snake plant rots if kept

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