cactus will not bloom

i have several christmas cacti and they will get some buds but then the leaves will fall off before they get a chance. how much water do they need
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Christmas cactus are not true cactus, but epiphytes which live in trees, often thriving on the bark of another tree. They are actually more like orchids than they are cactus. Therefore, they do best in cool conditions and watering whenever the soil feels dry to your touch. Don't overdo it, but don't ignore them either. Also, once the plants set buds, they can drop their buds if they are too warm. Keep them cool and they'll be much happier. Also, bud drop can happen if the plants are not getting enough light. They like bright, indirect light. Or, if they aren't getting enough humidity. Remember, these are jungle plants so placing them on a water filled tray will help prevent bud drop. Don't let the pot sit in the water, but if the pot sits on some gravel above the waterline the evaporating water will increase the humidity around the plant.

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