brown tips on philodendrun

We have a water softener so i use the filtered water from the refrigerator for all my house plants. Let it stand till room temp before using. water once a every 7-10 days when dry. same procedure for 8 years. water plant by placing in sink, running water through plant, wait till drained to return to pot. Not sitting in water. is 8 years old- recently developed the brown tips. in a bathroom with light from a sky light no direct sun. Do not want to loose this plant!
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Overall it sounds like you are watering correctly, but brown tips on the ends of a houseplant leaf are the result of the build-up of salts in the plant's system. The best way to combat this is to totally flush the plant every time you water so that water runs freely out of the bottom of the pot. If this is in a clay pot, the salts could have also built up in the terra cotta so you might want to repot with fresh soil in a different pot. I also do not recommend using tap water. The best water to use for indoor plants is distilled water which won't contain the salts your water might have, particularly if it's gone through a water softener.

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