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I live in Florida and my home is a townhouse which is 2 story. I have a 8X12 foot Atrium which is inclosed by glass sliding doors and a wall. My atrium is open to the sky though which gets little direct sunlight. hot and humid. I have in the past 12 years tried to put plants in there and they seem to just survive. We have recently put a wood deck down so now I want to put potted plants in. What do you suggest, no luck with flowering plants. Lynn Rhodes
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It sounds as if you have an ideal place for all sorts of tropical plants grown especialy for their foliage that prefer a shaded position. These include aglaonema with pretty mottled leaves, bold-leaved alocasia, spleenwort or birds' nest fern (Asplenium) and vining scindapsus or pothos. There are many others suitable for your conditions. You would be wise to visit a local public or botanic garden where they have a plant-filled conservatory or greenhouse with conditions similar to yours. Otherwise, consult your local Cooperative Extension office (blue or yellow pages) for local advice.

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