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Can you please tell me how to remove the juice from inside the aloe vera plant to use it for burns, etc. Do you have to put anything extra with it in a bottle or what. Can you actually drink the juice from the plant? I have a huge plant and I had to cut a lot of the leave off due to my puppies chewing on the plant and I don't want to waste any of it. Is there any type of business where you can bottle up this juice and sell it? Thank you.
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Aloe vera juice is excellent for burns and other skin problems. Just split the leave lengthwise and scrape out the gel which will liquify upon standing. Apply this topically to improve skin conditions. Many people like to drink it as well, claiming that it has wonderful results for their intestines etc. I would be cautious about making or taking any in large quantities, without further research. To make the juice, cut off several leaves, split them down the middle and scrape out the gel inside. This can be added to water or juice. Generally about 12 leaves will need to be diluted with a gallon of liquid. Some people add honey. In any case the mixture must be refridgerated. Be careful to only harvest the gel part as if you scrape deeper you will remove a layer close to the skin that can be a powerful laxative. There are plenty of products on the market using aloe vera as a base. You could try contacting one of the companies that offer aloe products at your health food store to see if they would be interested in you contract-growing for them.

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