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I have an asparagus fern, Boston fern and Queen something fern... okay I don't know alot about ferns... I live in Mesa, AZ. The Queen fern is in the house and the leaves have started falling off. I'm increasing the watering. The asparagus fern is on my covered patio and seems to be dying in the center. Looks pale. The Boston fern, which is huge, is turning yellow. I put it at a corner of the patio where it would get full morning sun today (only in the 90s) How do Iget them healthy again
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It's hard to say exactly what's going on with your Queen fern, but make sure it's in a spot where it gets bright, indirect light and water only when the soil dries out slightly. You don't want to drown the plant, but you don't want the soil to get really hard and dry either. Your Boston fern sounds like it's suffering from being in the sun. Ferns do not like direct sun or heat. Get it out of the full sun and into a filtered light situation where it can be cool and moist. Asparagus ferns are very tough and can take a lot of abuse. I just can't tell what's going on with your plant without knowing more about it. Yellowing on these plants is generally a sign of heat or drought stress, but unlike the other ferns you have, asparagus fern has fleshy roots that hold water. I just don't know what to tell you on this one, but I would move it to another location to see if that helps. Just keep them all out of the direct Arizona sun.

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