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Why are there black leaves on my Strawberry Tree?

I live in zone 7. My three year old strawberry trees have brown-black leaves..wippey looking! What happened?
Submitted by rizo3373539

Hi, Sadly, without more information I can't be much help. Where is your plant located in terms of light and exposure? Was the tree healthy and suddenly became ill? Did the temps get very cold recently? Just like going to a human doctor, we need to know more symptoms before we can help. Give a much more detailed description of the life this plant has been leading and we can try to be help you out.

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Strawberry trees are in a sunny location in added good soil, the yard is clay soil. Planted at ground level.We have had frost in years past and recently for two nights of 28 degrees.Our average temp. at night this time of the year is in the 40's. Trees are 3 years old. They produced fruit and flowering the first two years. Can I cut them down and let it start over? Does this help? Thanks
Submitted by rizo3373539