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Where are the seeds on this cigar plant?

I love the cigar plant but it is getting harder and harder to find in my area. Right now I drive for half an hour to buy it. Where is the seed in the head that falls off? It is so small and I cannot find any seed. Would it be best to dry the whole little end that falls off and plant the whole thing? I know it is considered a tropical here in Wisconsin. Thank you, Sherry
Submitted by petunias3524962

Hi Sherry,


You should be able to find seed pods of cigar plants at the ends of the stems where the old flowers were. They can be a bit tricky to collect; look at where a flower is fading; you should see a stalk of little yellow seeds. They're easy to knock off, so take care when gathering them.


Good luck!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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