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What can I do about mulch?

I have two questions, both relating to bark mulched gardens. The first: How do I get those pesky pine needle out of the garden? Is there a handy trick that may be more productive than picking them out one-by-one? The second: Will my forget-me-nots self seed in my mulched garden? I have a memorial garden that I want them to spread throughout. I have three established plants right now, but the more the better.

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Thanks for writing. There's no great way to keep pine needles from mixing in your mulch. However, pine needles are a great mulch in themselves, so unless you don't like the look of them intermixing, there's no good reason to remove the needles.


As for the forget-me-nots, it depends on how deep your layer of mulch is. If it's more than a couple of inches, then their seeds will have a lot of trouble sprouting. I'd guess a few seeds will find a way to sprout and grow, since mulch isn't 100 percent weedproof --- but you'd definitely have a better crop of forget-me-not without the mulch.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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