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What can I do about moles?

I live 50 miles west of Houston, TX in a townhome with a very small garden area (12x12). The area gets full sun; however, I can get anything to sustain because of moles. These critters have taken full plants (Vinco, tomato, rose bushes) and sucked them right into the ground.  Do you have any recommendations on types of plants that moles are not attracted to? Or, something that will repell them

Submitted by tdorenkamp1

Moles are carnivores. They don't eat plants. Instead they eat soil insects, including earthworms. However, field mice and voles may use the mole tunnels, and these two critters can devour plants. The tunneling that you observe might also be gophers, which will eat plants.

Castor bean oil has been proven as an effective repellent for moles. However, you may also need to control whatever other animal pest is actually eating your plants.

Answered by DSchrock

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