Tomato Disease

I planted determinate tomatoes last season. Almost all of the tomatoes developed black spots on the bottom and eventually destroyed the tomatoes. What was the problem? I planted them in containers and staked them as suggested and watered them daily. Any suggestions? Maybe you could suggest some particular brands I could plant. I am in zone 6. Thanks
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Thanks for writing. Many tomatoes are very susceptible to a number of diseases, and if you have a cool, wet growing season, it can be hard to keep your plants free of disease.


In general, look for varieties that have initials like VFFN after their names; these initials signify diseases they're resistant to. It's also helpful to grow your tomatoes in a spot where there's good air circulation, and to avoid getting the foliage wet when you water them. Avoid watering them in the afternoon or evening hours, as well, to help prevent disease.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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